From the Director’s Desk

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I am privileged to serve Alameda County as the Director of Behavioral Health Care Services. For our county residents living with a mental health challenge, finding the ingredients that result in wellness is important. As for many of us, working at something that is meaningful to you can bring you a sense of purpose that will anchor you.

Our Individual Placement and Support employment specialists provide employment services to our county’s residents living with mental illness, helping them to obtain and keep jobs. Employment supports vary based upon each worker’s preferences and needs.

Our Workforce Development staff is dedicated to increasing the number of people trained to be mental health professionals. They are working to make sure the next wave of mental health professionals reflect our county’s diverse ethnic populations and are fluent in some of the 50 plus languages spoken by our county residents.

Our Pool of Consumer Champions hires people in recovery from mental health challenges so that they can work as peer counselors assisting those with similar challenges.

I anticipate further growth in the ways our staff provides employment supports. I am proud to work alongside such committed and dedicated service delivery team members.

Manuel J. Jiménez, Jr., MA, MFT
Director of Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services


From the Director's Desk

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