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Dog Day Care Shines in Hiring Practices

Lauren Westreich, the owner of Every Dog Has Its Day Care in Oakland, takes pride in her business and cares for each dog like a family member. She is also committed to having a diverse workforce from the local community. “We like hiring people who have had stumbling blocks finding and keeping employment they like,” Westreich says. They usually hire dog handlers. New hires attend a 3-week training where they learn how to communicate with dogs through body language. “Dogs care about what’s happening today.
Lauren Westreich and friend. Photo by Every Dog Has Its Day Care.

They are not interested in your past,” she adds. Dog handlers interact with the dogs and keep the facility clean with a set list of tasks each day. “Our devotion to our dogs and their safety is the core of our business. In hiring, we take away the labels and stigma and focus on each person’s skills and commitment to the job. What matters is dedication to working with the dogs,” Westreich says. Job openings are posted online, on job boards and with mental health nonprofits.


Employment Resources

America’s Job Center
in Alameda County, is open to everyone in the community. When you register, you can use their computers, browse their job boards, go to workshops and events, and meet with their staff.

California Department of Rehabilitation
The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) is an employment and independent living resource for people with disabilities. DOR has offices in Berkeley, Oakland and Fremont. DOR can provide resources to help mental health consumers find, get, and keep meaningful community employment.

The Center for Accessible Technology (CforAT)
CforAT is located at the Ashby BART station in Berkeley and is open to anyone with a disability. Since most jobs now require computer use, staff work with Department of Rehabilitation clients and others with disabilities to provide computer access. This makes job applicants better prepared for employment.
510-841-3224, info@cforat.org, http://cforat.org

Education Resources

The Collaborative
Greater Bay Area Mental Health & Workforce Collaborative

The Collaborative represents many counties and organizations, all committed to expanding the Bay Area’s public mental health workforce.

The Occupational Information Network
O*Net Online

The O*NET program is a free online resource that has occupational information to help students and job seekers find careers or change careers. O*Net describes the skills and knowledge required to perform the work. It gives information about the licensing and experience needed for each job. O*Net gives salary details and other information.

California Association for Alcohol/Drug Educators
CAADE’s website gives information about colleges that have Alcohol and Drug Studies programs. Learn about how to become a certified addiction counselor
707-722-2331, office@caade.org,http://caade.org

Resources for Employers

Employers in Alameda County have found benefits in hiring people living with a mental health condition. They have found them to be eager to learn, punctual and some of their most loyal workers.

Hiring managers are encouraged to consider these employees.

For information, contact:
Jackie Pogue, Alameda County
Behavioral Health Care Services



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